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Northeast Wisconsin sees blue skies, sunshine after weeks of gloom
Northeast Wisconsin sees blue skies, sunshine after weeks of gloom
Northeast Wisconsin sees blue skies, sunshine after weeks of gloom

Published on: 01/24/2023


(WLUK) -- If it feels like 2023 has been a gloomy year so far weather-wise, you aren't imagining things. Sunshine has been hard to come by over the last few weeks.

The sun made a rare appearance in the skies over Northeast Wisconsin Monday afternoon.

Winter can be a gray time of year, but Sharon Stodola Esline from Oconto Falls says its absence has been conspicuous.

"Dreary beyond belief. Typically I don't let weather get to me, but it has gotten to me this year," she said. "It's the first time I've used my sunglasses all winter. I mean, really, you know? Against the snow, it's usually really difficult, but you know, but this is actually the first time I've used them."

Of course, there is another solution-- just head somewhere with more abundant sunshine.

That's what Brenda Hirt from Green Bay is planning to do.

"Well, we go back to Florida, usually during the wintertime, so then we have the nice sun there -- get the tan," said Hirt.

And it's tough to blame anyone for taking drastic measures to see just a little more sunshine.

Gloomy gray weather has been the rule for the last month or so, not the exception.

Since the days immediately following Winter Storm Brooklyn, right around Christmas, our weather has been almost exclusively cloudy.

Satellite imagery from Christmas Day itself shows clear skies over Wisconsin, as does the imagery on the 26th.

But on the 27th and 28th -- just as our weather started turning milder -- the sun got harder to spot. Both days saw a healthy dose of clouds mixed with the sun.

And almost every day since, except for Jan. 9, and again on the 15th, has seen nearly completely overcast skies.

Sure, Monday got a brief look at the sun around lunchtime, but that was about it.

Add it all up -- about three-quarters of the days since Christmas have been either mostly cloudy or totally overcast. Even for the winter, that's a long time to go without seeing a whole lot of sunshine.

Author :Phil DeCastro

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